Custom Projects Cancel & Rebook Policy

Custom Project Terms & Conditions 2022 (Cancellation & Rebooking Policy) 

City Cakes is in the business of helping people make their most important days and occasions the best ever, and in order to do that, we are required to make sure that we are covered to provide service in the best way possible, with open communication and transparency.

As such, our communication and payment serves as an agreement between you, the client, and City Cakes, for the discussed and agreed upon service and products. The agreement is to confirm both the booking date, production and artist/s scheduling. Booking deposits and balance payments made should be made only once client is completely satisfied with quote and promised service/product, and any modifications and changes can only be made with the confirmation of both the client and City Cakes.

We do not hold your proposed event date until agreement is reached and confirmed with the booking deposit by the date communicated by the City Cakes team. You may be subject to losing your quote and the offer for service if you do not submit a deposit in time. This is not our goal, however, we have to make sure our artists are booked appropriately.

A 50% non-refundable* deposit is required to book your event with City Cakes - this is non-negotiable. *If there is a need to reschedule your event due to an unexpected event (such as illness, death or a pandemic) before the 50% final balance is due 30 days prior to your event, we will then move all your event details to the new date provided.

A 50% final balance payment is due 30 days before the event date. If this final balance is not paid on time, you will incur a $50 per day late fee added to the final balance, up to three weeks before the event, in which the event will be cancelled, and we keep the non-refundable deposit. If you would like to transfer the booking deposit to another future date, there will be a 25% fee deducted, and rescheduling will be entirely based on City Cakes availability. The booking deposit will never be returned as cash.

Within 30 days of the event, if the full balance has been paid on an event, there are no cash refunds for cancellations. However, we will deduct a 25% change surcharge, and the balance can be used as a credit on up on a single separate order within 12 months of the change request, subject to availability.

While we discuss and confirm serving amount and pricing, there is a degree of flexibility when it comes to cutting and serving cakes, to which we will not be held liable. Our suggested cutting size for party slices is 1" x 2", and round cakes should never be cut like a circular pie would be cut. Depending on your choice to cut, you may end up with less pieces then we quote, however, we always give an ample amount of cake so this is never an issue.

City Cakes is not liable for damage to cake not caused by City Cakes and its' staff, including but not limited to property damage, guest injury, harm caused by eating decorative accessories, flower choices (poison, pesticides, dirt, poor handling), post-pickup damage, allergic reactions, illness or death.

City Cakes retains the right to post any imagery of the work they have created without client permission, including but not limited to on our website, social media challenges and in printed materials.

If at any point you have any questions about the booking agreement above, please get clarification prior to making your deposit. As mentioned above, there are limitations once we begin the process together. 

We really, truly do look forward to working with you!

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