The Grandest Opening!

Posted on 02 March 2021

We made it. We got here.... now help us stay here!

The Grand Opening of our brand new headquarters has been a passion project that surprisingly took well over 3 years to complete.

Despite it appearing near perfect as of February 2021, the journey to where we are today has been one filled with challenges, conflict and mishaps that would have made even the strongest give up.

Fortunately, we've been lifted and inspired so much by energy of our customers. We have had an incredible team of designers, contractors and staff fighting with us to make this all happen as quickly as possible. Thank God our strong City Cakes partner team held hands, dug our heels in and said NYC needs us. Truthfully, the entire world needs what we are bringing to the table. 

One day we'll delve deeper into the ins-and-outs of the journey we went on to get where we are, but for now, lets all celebrate in the incredible items we are bringing to market. If you haven't had our Brownie Nouveau yet, or the Sideway Sinna (heated up) with a Chelsea Roast from our bar, what in the world are you waiting for?! The Almond Raspberry Sconut received rave reviews from our friend Lauren Scala recently on an episode of NBC's NY Live (scones have been put on hiatus for pie season, but shall return one day!).

We aren't exaggerating when we say that many of the new items have been on our menu for literal years, just not available to the public in the form you see today. Our Latin-inspired Nice Slices? Those have been in cupcake form many times before, and seeing our Strawberry Champagne slice standing proud and tall is mesmerizing to even our team. 

Another little secret is that there is a lot more coming! We are rolling out the new menu week-by-week, and there are plenty of special variations happening, too, both seasonally and limited. 

Please visit us online, come by the shop during our crazy new extended hours, order delivery in Manhattan via, or book your custom cake request via our online quote form. We simply cannot wait to help make everyones' days brighter, sweeter, more caffeinated and full of smiles.

Chef Marc


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