• Glutenless Fall Flavskis Assorted Half Pound Cookies (GFI) - 4 Pack
  • Glutenless Fall Flavskis Assorted Half Pound Cookies (GFI) - 4 Pack
  • Glutenless Fall Flavskis Assorted Half Pound Cookies (GFI) - 4 Pack

City Cakes

Glutenless Fall Flavskis Assorted Half Pound Cookies (GFI) - 4 Pack

$ 26.00



We have finally brought back our bestselling Fall Favorite, the Pumpkindoodle Pie-filled and now offer the Glutenless Fall Flavskis Assorted Pack, combining ALL of our gluten free ingredient cookies in a convenient 4-pack! Containing one each of our Pumpkindoodle Pie, Pink Velvet, Nutella-filled Macamochip, and our Almond Matcha Wonder cookie!

Starting with the Pumpkindoodle, this notable treat from City Cakes features our famous sugardoodle base (made with gluten free flours) and the most incredible pumpkin pie cream cheese in the center. It's then coated with a GF spiced graham and a drizzle of vanilla glaze, baked to absolute perfection. Derived from traditional Hawaiian flavors and ingredients, the City Cakes' Macamochip is a cookie combining chopped macadamia nuts, kakamochi (or puffed rice), milk chocolate chips and finally stuffed with a layer of Nutella (the Macamochip cookie is made using gluten-free ingredients). The mildly chocolatey Pink Velvet cookie is made using white cocoa and is stuffed with a sweetened cream cheese, dusted in sugary hearts and baked to perfection.The last included cookie is the Almond Matcha Wonder cookie, which is a marbelized dough of both a sweet Almond and Matcha cookie dough. It's soft baked to perfection, then glazed with a strip of sweet Matcha glaze and dusted with black sesame magic - just enchanting! All of these cookies are made with Gluten Free Ingredients, however, keep in mind our bakery is a shared facility so if you are super sensitive or allergic, we would rather you play it safe.

BEST WHEN WARM! When you get the cookies fresh out of our ovens, it's truly an experience, however, you can achieve this at home as well. Place in a preheated 350 degree oven for approximately 5 minutes, or warm in a microwave for 15-20 seconds.

SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY! Since we understand 4 cookies is a lot for some folks, you should know that City Cakes' cookies freeze incredibly well. They are all individually wrapped so if you can't find some willing friends to share with, we recommend popping in the freezer. When you need an extra treat, just pull them out to defrost or you can heat them up as described above. 

Each City Cakes cookie is uniquely handmade and we assure you each one is a half pound of sheer delight. You will get four individual cookies carefully and individually packaged and shipped to you with the utmost love and care. 


We ship products out Monday to Saturday every week, except for recognized postal holidays. Order cutoff time is MIDNIGHT EST (eastern standard time) and are baked and ship from our NYC facilities the NEXT BUSINESS DAY (note, NOT same day).

Shipping estimations by third party carriers start once we ship them out. So, for example, if you place an order Monday at 4pm and it shows an estimated three-day shipping, it will be baked and shipped Tuesday and you will likely get that order Friday!

We say "likely" because most of our customers select USPS Priority shipping, our least expensive option. The estimation of "days" is simply that, an estimation, and you may see delays in your shipment depending on weather, USPS issues, etc. Cookies that arrive even a week later are incredible - we soft bake and individually pack the cookies so they last an exceptional number of days.

If you NEED items delivered on specific days, you have the option to pay for upgraded service - UPS 2nd Day Air & Next Day Air, along with USPS Express. They are all faster shipping methods that carry additional guarantees (these are shipping party guarantees, not City Cakes' guarantees). Keep in mind, the expedited shipping clock starts from the FOLLOWING day when the order is baked and shipped out. Ex. Order at 4pm Tuesday & choose UPS Next Day Air, the items will arrive on Thursday!

Only a quantity of FOUR cookie 8-packs are allowed to be combined into one shopping cart transaction for shipping rate purposes. If you want to purchase additional sets beyond the four, a separate transaction must be completed (again, up to 4 packs).

Any orders over FOUR 8-packs run a higher risk of not being fulfilled due to supply restraints, however, we will always contact you directly and immediately if this is the case.

If you would like to place a big order for more than four 8-packs, we suggest that you call us at 646-688-2286 or email us so we can work on the order directly with you and see if there is any way to consolidate/discount.


If this is being purchased as a gift, we can help!  When checking out click the box that indeed YES, this is a gift, but also make sure to enter the gift message in the box that appears below your checked YES. This is important and if you don't fill out the message, there will not be a message - we do not have the ability to reach back out to you if you forget to insert the message, so sorry about this!

Due to the fresh baked nature of these products, we don't like to run the risk of them sitting in a warehouse, which is why we have chosen to ship them out on the same day they are baked. Your shipping rate is priority because we want to ship quickly to preserve maximum freshness of your cookies. All cookies are baked and shipped the day after you order them, individually wrapped, and then packaged extremely securely, so even if you got them a week later they would still be incredible. Despite it all, we want you to get the best batch of cookies possible!

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