City Cakes $10 Re-Delivery Charge + $6 Tip

$ 16.00



This is a charge for attempting to re-deliver a package that wasn't received by the intended recipient. As mentioned on our site, deliveries within Manhattan are outsourced and are one-way only. We make every effort possible to reach the potential recipient but without any communication and an increased inability to leave any packages behind in NYC, this charge is simply to pay another messenger to deliver the items again and a tip we think is reasonable for the extra efforts.

Please make sure to put the exact name, address, recipient phone number in as the shipping information. Also put the time for drop off and PLEASE make sure that your recipient knows the package is coming and to look out for an unknown number calling them if there are any issues at the arranged time of delivery.

If we are not successful a second time, we will have to repeat this process and successive payment again but leave it up to you to make sure the delivery information, recipient phone number and contact is made with intended receipt.

Thanks so so much for understanding - we know everyone is just trying to do a GOOD thing. <3

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